Mama’s international family

Posted: May 26th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Profiles in Advocacy | No Comments

By Ian Morton | Profiles in Advocacy Members of the LGBTQ+ community have often found themselves in a dynamic of a “two family system”; their family of birth and their family of choice. So when May, and Mother’s Day comes around, many of us find ourselves reflecting, not only on the mother(s) who may have raised us, but the women who have come into our lives as adults. One such community matriarch is “Mama” Sandy […]

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How to live

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By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy The title of this column kept tapping me on the shoulder. For three days, I tried resisting, but my intuition prevailed; so here we are. Obviously, there is no one way to live. We each do it differently. We are supposed to. We are here to create, enjoy and learn from being alive.

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The aging crisis, by the numbers

Posted: May 26th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Senior Matters | No Comments

By William E. Kelly | Senior Matters According to numerous surveys and studies, most seniors wish to age in their own homes and communities as long as possible. In fact, AARP’s 2011 survey states that 90 percent of persons aged 65 and older want to age in place. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2008 National Population Projections, found online at, shows that in less than 13 years, more than 70 million Americans will be 65 and […]

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Remembering Orlando

By Archives Staff | Out of the Archives

June 12, 2016 is a date that will be burned forever into the collective memory of our community. In the early morning hours of that day, 49 of our siblings were senselessly murdered in a horrific act of hate at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Our community was shaken to its core; in the midst of nearing Pride celebrations, we were reminded that violence can and does sometimes enter our sacred spaces.

The global reaction of support was swift and overwhelming. Vigils quickly grew in major cities across the world, with allies condemning the act and honoring those who were lost. News sources focused on remembering the victims, telling their stories, and saying their names.

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Our bars, connecting and community

Posted: May 12th, 2017 | Back Out With Benny, Columns, Featured | 2 Comments

By Ben Cartwright | Back Out With Benny One month from today will mark one year since the horrific Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida. While the shooting was absolutely devastating, it proved once again that our community is great at rallying together in times of need. Within 24 hours of the shooting, gatherings popped up across the country for community members to be there for each other and help one another process what had just […]

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Realizing your gifts

Posted: May 12th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Life Beyond Therapy | No Comments

By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy Recently, I went to a big, fancy dinner at a friend’s house. There were about 18 people there, and as far as I know, I was the only LGBT person at the table. I was talking with this really interesting straight woman and the topic turned to being gay (don’t ask me how). She looked me in the eye and asked me, “What is unique about being gay? What […]

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By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

ArtZine is a new column that will share the work, places and lives of the artists within the local arts community of San Diego. I will try to make it as all-inclusive and feature not only artists of all mediums but also galleries, art spaces, art classes and at times include photography, music, theater or even architecture.

Alternative topics may include murals, tagging, outdoor art, interviews, etc. It may not run every issue but it is my wish to bring more attention to our local arts community, with a focus on LGBT artists of all kinds.

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No always means no

Posted: April 28th, 2017 | Back Out With Benny, Columns, Featured | No Comments

By Ben Cartwright | Back Out With Benny A few weeks ago, I was out at a bar on a Sunday afternoon with friends and we were discussing some thoughts about this planned column. In the middle of the conversation, a man came up to us to say hello and during that interaction, he noticed that one of my friends was wearing a snap button-down shirt. The person who approached us thought it would be “fun” […]

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Spring into action

Posted: April 28th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Profiles in Advocacy | No Comments

By Ian Morton | Profiles in Advocacy Just yesterday, I got to go on my annual Dining Out For Life “date” with the inimitable Elaine Graybill, an event that always reminds me that it isn’t just what’s in our pockets that can help nonprofits move forward, but also what is in our hearts. The “ambassadors” at each participating DOFL business have an opportunity to really elevate the event and make patrons feel great about participating.

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Senior Matters: North Park senior housing applications

Posted: April 14th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Senior Matters | 1 Comment

By William E. Kelly | Senior Matters The focus of this article is information regarding the application process and instructions for those interested in applying, qualifying and living in one of the 76 apartments currently under construction in the first LGBT-affirming senior housing project in North Park. But first, it is important to know a little about how this project came about, because more are needed and it is up to the community to advocate for […]

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Old on the outside

Posted: April 14th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Life Beyond Therapy | No Comments

By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy Recently, a client told me: “I feel old on the outside, but so young on the inside. Why doesn’t anyone see this or understand? I am just learning (in my mid-60s) how to enjoy myself and not worry about what other people think of me. I’m finally learning how to have fun. “That is my inner experience. My outer experience is that I am treated like an unattractive, uninteresting […]

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