Vegan suppers inspired from the heartland

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. The term “Midwest comfort food” conjures up images of gravy-smothered meats, cheesy casseroles and butter-loaded desserts. They’re precisely the kinds of dishes Roy Elam grew up eating outside of St. Louis until becoming a vegan 12 years ago. Since then, he’s headed the kitchens of two vegan restaurants in the Los Angeles area, helped open a vegan eatery in Bahrain, and sadly lost his mother to breast cancer, which led him […]

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Foodie Flashes – May 26, 2017

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. | Foodie Flashes Bring an iron stomach or a roll of antacids if you’re delving into the new, outrageous foods at this year’s upcoming San Diego County Fair (June 2–July 4) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Here’s a partial list of what to expect: From locally based Chicken Charlie’s comes Krispy Kreme chicken ice cream sandwiches, peanut butter and beef meatballs, fried pineapple with ice cream, and beignets on a stick.

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‘Tyler’s Suite’ goes to New York City

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San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus to make Lincoln Center debut By Tom Felkner Few music venues around the world strike a chord as magical as that of Lincoln Center in New York City. In just four weeks, its famous stage — which has hosted presidents to Pavarotti — will welcome the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus’ acclaimed Chamber Chorale for a performance of its landmark masterwork, “Tyler’s Suite.” In addition to its singers, the Chorus […]

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Mama’s international family

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By Ian Morton | Profiles in Advocacy Members of the LGBTQ+ community have often found themselves in a dynamic of a “two family system”; their family of birth and their family of choice. So when May, and Mother’s Day comes around, many of us find ourselves reflecting, not only on the mother(s) who may have raised us, but the women who have come into our lives as adults. One such community matriarch is “Mama” Sandy […]

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How to live

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By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy The title of this column kept tapping me on the shoulder. For three days, I tried resisting, but my intuition prevailed; so here we are. Obviously, there is no one way to live. We each do it differently. We are supposed to. We are here to create, enjoy and learn from being alive.

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The aging crisis, by the numbers

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By William E. Kelly | Senior Matters According to numerous surveys and studies, most seniors wish to age in their own homes and communities as long as possible. In fact, AARP’s 2011 survey states that 90 percent of persons aged 65 and older want to age in place. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2008 National Population Projections, found online at, shows that in less than 13 years, more than 70 million Americans will be 65 and […]

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Letters to the editor – May 26, 2017

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Applause for ArtZine [Ref: “ArtZine,” Vol. 8, Issue 9 and Issue 10, or online at and] Thank you for your new column, ArtZine. Given funding cuts for our arts, it is all the more crucial that we shine a strong light on our arts and the artists of our community. Bravo! —William “Bill” Kelly, via email

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Airport ‘transcends’ race and age with dance

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By Margie M. Palmer The San Diego International Airport’s Performing Arts Residency Program continues to thrive. Founded in 2016, goal of the program is to enrich the airport environment while helping to cultivate the performing arts community. And while the inaugural year featured the acrobatic and theatrical skills of Fern Street Circus, the airport’s choice for year’s resident group, the transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project, hopes to bring an inspired, youthful kaleidoscope to the venue.

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Alive in the cosmos

‘Silent Sky’ is the ‘Hidden Figures’ of astronomy By Charlene Baldridge | Theater Review On the heels of its magnificent “Shadowlands,” Lamb’s Players Theatre in Coronado continues its string of extraordinary productions with the San Diego premiere of Lauren Gunderson’s “Silent Sky,” an absolutely delectable, mind-expanding examination of the early days of women in astronomy.

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AIDS Memorial site plan draws scrutiny

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By Ken Williams | Contributing Editor More than a century behind schedule, the Olive Street Park long sought on a small lot overlooking Maple Canyon in Bankers Hill has finally made it to the drawing board — but not without attracting controversy then and now. The lot, measuring 80 feet by 120 feet, was donated to the city in 1909 by the Ford, McKee and Woods families, with the deed stipulating: “forever for use as […]

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Our bars, connecting and community

Posted: May 12th, 2017 | Back Out With Benny, Columns, Featured | 2 Comments

By Ben Cartwright | Back Out With Benny One month from today will mark one year since the horrific Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida. While the shooting was absolutely devastating, it proved once again that our community is great at rallying together in times of need. Within 24 hours of the shooting, gatherings popped up across the country for community members to be there for each other and help one another process what had just […]

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Realizing your gifts

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By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy Recently, I went to a big, fancy dinner at a friend’s house. There were about 18 people there, and as far as I know, I was the only LGBT person at the table. I was talking with this really interesting straight woman and the topic turned to being gay (don’t ask me how). She looked me in the eye and asked me, “What is unique about being gay? What […]

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