Mischief and scheming at the opera

Posted: February 17th, 2017 | Arts & Entertainment, Featured | No Comments

By David Dixon Many operas that have been performed recently at the San Diego Civic Theatre haven’t been very happy tales. Stories such as “Tosca” and “Madama Butterfly” are the opposite of uplifting experiences. The San Diego Opera is taking a break from all the gloom with a comedy — Giuseppe Verdi’s “Falstaff.”

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Are you Type A, B, C or D?

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By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy Haven’t you heard people say, “Oh, I’m such a Type A personality” or “You’re such a Type B person”? High-achieving folks often brag how Type A they are: “Oh, I can’t help it, I’m such a workaholic.” And Type Bs like to remind you how mellow they are. But did you know that there are also Types C and D personalities?

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Assessing Senior Needs — Part 3

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By William E. Kelly | Senior Matters Editor’s note: This is the third of a three-part series. To read the first two, visit and In parts one and two of this series, we delved into six basic need categories common to all seniors and briefly talked about how the priorities of those needs vary from person to person, due to personal, financial, social and cultural differences, experiences and environments.

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Local women rocking the boat

Posted: February 3rd, 2017 | Cover stories, Featured, News | No Comments

Fundraiser for Women’s Museum honors local elected officials By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor Originally founded in 1995 by Mary Maschal, who opened her Golden Hill home to the public after having gathered relevant collectibles and memorabilia for over a decade, the Women’s Museum of California is now located in Liberty Station.

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AFCSL recruiting new players

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Upcoming softball season begins in March By Jeff Praught America’s Finest City Softball League (AFCSL) begins its 37th season in March, and San Diego’s largest softball league is happily accepting new players across several divisions.

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Dipping into our collections

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By Lambda Archives Staff | Out of the Archives In a change from our usual reporting on events at Lambda Archives, we are going to mix things up to highlight some of our collections this time. We’ve chosen to highlight a collection that was processed very recently by a volunteer, Caro Vera, who also provided this report on the collection. The Archives is grateful for volunteers including Caro, who make all of what we do possible.

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How to forgive

Posted: February 3rd, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Life Beyond Therapy | No Comments

By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy Just in time for Valentine’s Day, that day when many of us remember the men and women who hurt us, broke our hearts or “done us wrong,” I offer you some ideas on how to forgive those who have hurt you. I was inspired to write this after reading Colin Tipping’s terrific book, “Radical Forgiveness.” I’d like to share with you my version of forgiveness, which although is inspired […]

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What love can do

Posted: January 20th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Profiles in Advocacy | No Comments

By Ian Morton | Profiles in Advocacy With the new year upon us, we set new goals and hopefully some of those goals include ways to strengthen advocacy in the coming year. The San Diego Foundation building, the Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement, houses many of the city’s nonprofit foundations and projects — including the foundation at which I work, San Diego Human Dignity Foundation — and it is always an inspirational place to visit. […]

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Foodie Flashes

Posted: January 20th, 2017 | Featured, Food & Drink, Foodie Flashes | No Comments

By Frank Sabatini Jr. Accomplished chef Claudette Wilkins has been hired to oversee research and development for the Rise & Shine Restaurant Group, which operates multiple locations of Fig Tree Café and Breakfast Republic. She will eventually helm the kitchen of the group’s upcoming El Jardin, a concept spotlighting modern and traditional Mexican cuisine that’s due to open early next year in Liberty Station.

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January is ‘divorce month’

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By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy I didn’t make this up. I was reading a professional journal and this was mentioned in an article on counseling couples. They didn’t explain why, so I did a little research of my own to see if they just put this in the article to get my attention or if there really is some truth to it.

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Assessing senior needs — Part 2

Posted: January 20th, 2017 | Columns, Featured, Senior Matters | No Comments

By William E. Kelly | Senior Matters Symbolically, we each have a set of bricks with which we can build plans for what life as a senior will look like. The rub is that the quality and quantity of our individual brick inventories are not identical. Understanding where our individual strengths and weaknesses lie is absolutely essential to identifying what is possible and what is not.

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