Good things come to those who are Megan Mullally

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By Chris Azzopardi | Q-Syndicate

Tip one back for Megan Mullally, who’s making a move to the big screen in “Why Him?” after a drove of indie roles, including gay-affirming mom Mrs. Van Camp in 2013’s “G.B.F.,” and a variety of TV stints.

But when it comes to the small screen, it was the 58-year-old actress’s eight-year role on the groundbreaking late ’90s NBC sitcom “Will & Grace” — as quippy, martini-swigging socialite Karen Walker — that changed Mullally’s life as much as it changed ours.

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Love is love is love

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Michael Bublé on leaving an LGBT-affirming legacy, man crushes and male admirers

By Chris Azzopardi

“You know what I’ll be Googling tonight: Bublé, gay, queer, all that stuff,” said Michael Bublé one recent afternoon, after being informed that said search terms render colorful results.

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Coming out of the dark

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Tyler Glenn opens up about resisting suicide, losing his religion and being ‘unapologetically’ gay By Chris Azzopardi “To be honest …” Tyler Glenn begins, following a telling deep breath. Glenn’s lead-in could serve as the prologue to his new no-holds-barred solo debut album, “Excommunication.” Here, however, it precedes the heavy moment when Glenn, the lead singer of Neon Trees, reveals that he’s considered suicide twice this year. Perhaps that comes as a surprise.

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It’s raining Menzel

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Idina Menzel on working toward LGBT-icon status, a lesbian Elsa and angry gays who oppose her “Beaches” remake Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicate Though it arrives nearly 20 years after her debut album, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for a self-titled Idina Menzel release. Menzel’s latest is a declaration of self — of her real self, that is. “It’s how you pronounce my name,” the Broadway star says during our recent interview about the […]

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My 11 minutes with Dolly Parton

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Queen of Country on inspiring gay family members to come out, her LGBT kinship and ‘queer’ introduction

By Chris Azzopardi

There are no angel wings.

Instead, Dolly Parton scoots into a drab backstage garage on her own two legs like a unicorn dream: knee-length canary yellow dress, rhinestones, more rhinestones, and a glow that can apparently turn even an industrial underground into heaven on earth.

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Broadway by way of San Diego

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Join ‘Lube: A Modern Love Story!’ reading at The Center By Stacey Blanchet Novelist Jack Turner is setting out on a mission to bring his musical “Lube: A Modern Love Story” to the bright lights of Broadway. “Lube” is a gay-themed play, written by a gay man, with music composed by a gay composer, intended for gay and gay-supportive audiences. It is a musical comedy that takes a serious look at growing up gay, including […]

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Suddenly she sees

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KT Tunstall on why kissing girls wasn’t just a phase, admiring gender-fluid teens and channeling her masculinity

By Chris Azzopardi

Is she or isn’t she?

Truthfully, KT Tunstall understands the confusion regarding her sexuality — she’s responsible for it, after all. Tunstall, whose breakthrough song, “Suddenly I See,” became every dreamer’s anthem after it was prominently featured in “The Devil Wears Prada,” opened up about those rumors — and why kissing girls was “a really important part of my formative years” — on the heels of her latest album, “KIN.”

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LGBT rumors gone amok

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Kathy Griffin’s #LikeABoss tour comes to town By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor Getting on a phone call with the two-time Emmy and Grammy Award winning Kathy Griffin is like being caught up in a tornado; she has a monologue already prepared and if you’re lucky, you might get a word in edgewise. That was the case last week when I got the opportunity to speak to the comedic great. Once I was finally able […]

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Alexander the Great Ally

‘True Blood’ alum on coaching gay sex scenes, his outsider perspective, and Tarzan vs. Farrah Fawcett

By Chris Azzopardi

Alexander Skarsgård sure knows how to offset the uproar over his missing loincloth in “The Legend of Tarzan.”

“I’m actually wearing it right now,” Skarsgård teases, joking about the brouhaha regarding this Tarzan’s more civilized article of clothing as he portrays the jungle warrior in Warner Bros.’ new take on a classic tale.

“I do all my phoners in a loincloth.”

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Good times with Nick Jonas

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Pop’s dreamboat on standing up for LGBT rights, his “very welcoming” gay club experience and his man bod

By Chris Azzopardi

Boys do Nick Jonas sometimes, but it’s mostly girls.

They dress up as the pop star, emulating his rousing onstage persona and donning denim that looks practically painted on. Yes, if we needed further proof about why the 23-year-old former Jonas Brother is a celebrated beacon in the LGBT community, for his abs and for his advocacy — for standing up against the North Carolina “bathroom bill” by canceling two upcoming gigs there — look to the drag kings. Those kings are sure to find even more fodder for their glitzy acts on “Last Year Was Complicated,” Jonas’ second solo album.

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The Butch beneath our wings

Lea DeLaria reflects on her landmark TV moment, talks ‘hero’ Bette Midler and making tough lesbians cry

By Chris Azzopardi

First the screwdriver, then the peanut butter.

But Lea DeLaria’s love for “Orange Is the New Black” goes beyond the craftiness of her shenanigans with both a hand tool and a classic sandwich spread as a regular on TV’s Emmy-winning prison drama. Sure, Netflix has afforded the veteran actress a deep cargo-pocket of outrageous antics, but “Orange” isn’t only here for your amusement. More importantly, the series and DeLaria’s riotous, randy character, Big Boo, are part of the show’s heralded inclusivity.

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The unruly world of Rufus Wainwright

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Singer-songwriter on being ‘the gay Elizabeth Taylor,’ giving up on Björk and not jibing with the LGBT community By Chris Azzopardi “I’m not at the psychiatrist’s office.” Rufus Wainwright realizes that now, years later. There was a time, he acknowledges, amused by the notion that interviews such as the one we’re engaged in passed as therapy. For that reason, the singer and composer is transparent, a book that never closes. That frankness has long marked […]

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