Learning from the past

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By David Dixon | Theater Preview

Politics and sexuality are two timely subjects in 2017. That makes this an ideal year for Intrepid Theatre’s production of the 2016 comedy-drama, “Perfect Arrangement.”

Taking place in 1950, the story follows two U.S. State Department employees, Bob Martindale (John DeCarlo) and Norma Baxter (Jennifer Paredes). They are married to each other and pretend to be straight. What few realize is that both of them are in same-sex relationships.

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Marching forward with the National Black Justice Coalition

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By Ian Morton | Profiles in Advocacy

On Friday, Feb. 10, I had the privilege of participating in the production of the fourth annual Bayard Rustin Civil Rights Honors at the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

Named for civil rights organizer Bayard Rustin — right-hand man to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, and gay black man — this event celebrates achievement, advocacy and activism by and for the San Diego black LGBTQ community.

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San Diego’s big Persian buffet

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

As with most commercial buffets, the food is mediocre, if not lousy, and I invariably get caught in line between a slowpoke in front of me and an aggressive raven breathing down my neck from behind.

In comparison, my recent experience at the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine revealed some winning dishes, and without any jam-ups or arms reaching over mine as I thrice sailed down the tread.

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Gay News Briefs — Feb. 17, 2017

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SAN DIEGO JOINS AMICUS BRIEF CHALLENGING PRESIDENTIAL EO On Tuesday, Feb. 14, the San Diego City Council voted almost unanimously to join the amicus brief along with other cities across the nation, which will challenge the executive order brought forward by the President of the United States restricting non-citizen travel to the U.S.

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Transforming minds one truth at a time

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By Chris Azzopardi

For Ian Harvie, it’s not about earning the title of “first trans person in the world with a one-hour standup special” — though that’s a tag the FTM comedian can now claim — for him, he’s hopeful more trans comedians will walk through the door he swung open with “May the Best Cock Win,” airing on NBC’s digital network, SEESO.

“I’m so excited that a digital network like SEESO, an NBC-based company, has said ‘Yes’ to the first trans comic special, which will provide a pathway for others to come through,” said the Portland, Maine native.

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Local women rocking the boat

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Fundraiser for Women’s Museum honors local elected officials By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor Originally founded in 1995 by Mary Maschal, who opened her Golden Hill home to the public after having gathered relevant collectibles and memorabilia for over a decade, the Women’s Museum of California is now located in Liberty Station.

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The ‘wisdom and hilarity’ of ‘Beau Jest’

By Charlene Baldridge

It’s 1989 Chicago. Miriam and Abe, Sarah Goldman’s parents, are ecstatic. She tells them she’s no longer dating Chris the Gentile (not true) and moreover, she has a nice, new, Jewish boyfriend (not true, either), who’s a surgeon at one of Chicago’s best hospitals.

A successful businesswoman, Sarah’s been on her own for quite some time, and now it appears that Miriam and Abe’s fondest wish for her may come true. They do what all good parents do: They invite themselves to dinner to meet the prospective son-in-law and even take Sarah’s brother, a divorced therapist, with them.

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AFCSL recruiting new players

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Upcoming softball season begins in March By Jeff Praught America’s Finest City Softball League (AFCSL) begins its 37th season in March, and San Diego’s largest softball league is happily accepting new players across several divisions.

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Yes, they can (and did)

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By Chris Azzopardi

Marriage equality was a mere pipe dream when Indigo Girls duo Emily Saliers and Amy Ray came out in 1988, coinciding with the release of their eponymous Epic Records debut. There was no groundbreaking television sitcom. Melissa Etheridge wasn’t formally out, and wouldn’t be until 1993, when she released “Yes I Am.”

With regard to popular entertainment, particularly within the music business, Saliers and Ray were at the forefront of the queer rights movement. They won a Grammy and released chart-toppers like “Closer to Fine.” And they refused to let their sexuality get in the way of their success, brazenly being themselves at a time when being a gay public figure was uncommon and even downright scary.

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A peaceful transition

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By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

Gina Roberts is many things to many people.

She is a transgender woman; she is the parent of three adult children and a grandparent to one; she is founder and CEO of her own consultation company, Roberts & Roberts Engineering; she is an avid community and political volunteer; and she is an award-winning gun-enthusiast who teaches men and women how to properly handle firearms. Not surprisingly, she is also a proud, card-carrying Republican.

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You can do it!

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By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

Whenever a new year rolls around, we all want some kind of change in our lives; a new job, a new place to live, new routines, but generally it means we want to look and feel better. This year there may be extra motivation to focus on something different after the hellacious election season of last year.

I personally just embarked on a journey to look and feel better myself and I wanted to share it with our readers. I am changing the way I treat my body in many ways, and though my physical goal is to lose 25 pounds, I hope to also lighten my mental and emotional load, as well.

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A tribute to Kensington’s ‘play caves’

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

The story behind The Haven Pizzeria’s name is a strange one.

For those unfamiliar with the existence of a maze of caves residing some 70 feet beneath a nearby home, a visit to the restaurant’s gender-neutral restroom provides a couple photos of the tunnels that once attracted neighborhood kids and their elders with ping pong tables, a slide connecting one cave room to another, and a refrigerator stocked with sodas.

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