Making changes

By Brian White | Fitness News Make one big change in each of the three places you spend the most time in 2017. Your workplace. With some proper cleaning and filing, everyone should be able to free up at least a half of a drawer to recreate their very own “health drawer.” This drawer is dedicated to you and your well-being; it should be filled with healthy snacks, non-toxic cleaning supplies, healthy condiments, water, teas and […]

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Coping with a fitness layoff

Posted: February 6th, 2015 | Featured, Fitness, Sports & Fitness | No Comments

By Scott Markey Let’s face it: Being the fitness enthusiasts that we are — most people, when injured or have an illness, usually have the good sense to curtail activity that aggravates the injury or ailment. Whether you are working out for general overall fitness, on a serious basis, to become a fitness or physique competitor, or even a bodybuilder, you usually know when to listen to your body — especially when it’s telling you to […]

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The ‘perfect time’

Brian White | You Should Be Doing It This is a big weakness of mine, and I’m actually sorta embarrassed to admit it. I sometimes do this thing where I wait for the “perfect time” to start important projects. Or to cut negative people out of my life. Or to do things I know will make the biggest difference in my life.

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The name of the game: intensity!

Posted: September 5th, 2014 | Featured, Fitness, Sports & Fitness | No Comments

Sean Ryback | Fitness As another sunny, summer season winds to an end, for many of us the intensity of the approaching football season is building into the beginning of the regular NFL season games. That means more Sunday get-togethers with friends, extra-delicious, high-calorie snacks and beverages and maybe even staying up late on a Monday night to see the final seconds of your favorite team’s game.

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Summer Fitness

Posted: July 11th, 2014 | Featured, Fitness, Sports & Fitness | 2 Comments

Scott Markey | Fitness Summer is finally upon us. With all of the summer events going on in our beautiful San Diego, such as the 4th of July celebrations that just passed, the upcoming Del Mar horse racing season, Comic Con, Over The Line (OTL), going to all our great beaches, being out on the ocean and the bays, and all of our many parks.

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