10 tips on how to find love in 2018

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1. Close the laptop. Turn off the device and try things differently, or more traditionally.

2. Get fresh. Consider a makeover, teeth whitening, new trendy frames or contacts.

3. Meet up. Check out the social online site of, only long enough to find and schedule three events to attend.

4. Volunteer. Sign up to work events. Consider helping out at a registration table for your passion, politics or pets.

5. Go shopping. Hit the mall for two weeks or up to two months. Also try a new gym, new coffee shop or new church.

6. Break up. For two months, change up your routine. Try out different grocery stores, dry cleaners or car wash.

7. Call your crushes. You know who they are — set a goal to invite three of them for a coffee or a drink.

8. Headshot. Update your online profile, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, with a new photo.

9. Plan a holiday or 2018 mixer. Buddy up with a friend or neighbor to have a social with a strategy. For example, every couple must bring a dateable single.

10. Start 2018 fresh! If you do any or all of the above in 2018, you’re going to be a more refreshed and interesting you! Learning new topics, going to new places, and meeting new people will help promote a new you ready to take on love in the new year.

—Tammy Shaklee is the founder of H4M, an offline, traditional matchmaking service for gay men and women.

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