Go to school and get a job… someplace else.

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And in the bad-news-for-recent-graduates category, San Diego Unified reached a tentative deal with teachers for zero pay increases in order to stave off almost 1,500 layoffs, the U-T reports. This comes just two days after the Council voted 6-1 for labor agreements giving the city’s labor unions a big zero across-the-board pay increase.

For those keeping track, that’s four years in a row, and Craig Gustafson of the U-T said it could “stretch to nine years” because of that pesky little Proposition B passing. I wouldn’t last one year at my job without a pay increase. Nine? Surely we’re joking, right?

Not so much.

The pension war in San Diego is doing exactly what Councilmember Gloria said it would do: move across the nation. You’re late now, but take a listen to the audio. He wasn’t wrong about the pay freeze and he’s not wrong about this, either.

The AP reports (here in the Seattle P-I) that the proposition’s win in San Diego, as well as a similar measure in San Jose, have “emboldened advocates seeking to curb pensions” across the nation. CNBC has a similar story.

Strong words for sure, but let’s get back to those students who just graduated high school or college. They’re looking for jobs. Jobs are out there. Do you think they’re going to apply for a “business” (because that’s what a city is) that isn’t going to give a pay raise for nine years?

Neither do I.


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