Letters to the editor — March 17, 2017

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Atkins’ priorities

[Ref: “Guest editorial: How I am tackling my top priorities in Sacramento,” Vol. 8, Issue 5, or online at]

Thank you Senator Atkins for always fighting for California!

—Kathie Moehlig, via our website, 

Peace, equality and justice

[Ref: “Profiles in Advocacy: Marching forward with the National Black Justice Coalition,” Vol. 8, Issue 4, or online at]

Thanks so much Ian, for your column on the National Black Justice Coalition. I sure did appreciate our phone call interview. Am making sure to share this column on my Facebook Page and that of the NBJC.

Two quick corrections for your readers: Julian Bond was a former member of the Georgia State House but not in 2003. Rev. Gary Daniels said, “If the Klan were to ride against the gays, I would ride with them.”

In our interview I forgot to add that Phill Wilson spoke at the 30th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. For peace, equality and justice!

—Mandy Carter, via our website

Editor’s note: We fixed the story online, thank you for letting us know.

A reminiscing read

[Ref: “Out of the Archives: The history of our bars,” Vol. 8, Issue 5, or online at]

And right before it was Starlite Lounge, it was a lesbian bar called 6 Degrees. 25-cent beers and $1 well drinks on Sundays!

—Kay via our website,

This is great to see, I’ve heard many stories how the scene has changed over the years it would be great to hear more historical accounts.

—Andre Canook, via our website

What a great article, I enjoyed this!

—Destiny Roxas, via our website

I was the resident DJ at Wolfs (now Bluefoot Bar and Grill) for six years. That place was amazing. There hasn’t been anything like it in San Diego, since.

—James, via our website

In the early 1980s there were four lesbian bars: The Apt in Mission Beach; The Club at Kettner and Laurel; Diablo’s in Normal Heights/University Heights; and The Box Office off the 8-fwy at Mission Gorge Road.

There was also Los Hermanas, a lesbian-owned coffee house/performance space.

—Wendy Sue Biegeleisen, via our website

Is anyone adding the “gay Denny’s” to the history?

After the bars closed on weekend nights, it was where the under- and over-21 LGBT community could meet and greet. It was quite a scene. I still remember Vi the waitress, and we’re talking nearly 40 years ago now.

—“Sibputty” via our website

And if anyone remembers Studio 9 a block from gay Denny’s for the under 21; The Matador in PB; The Grand on Garnet; OH … and BeeJays on Home Avenue.

—Kelly, via our website

Also WPCP was down the street before being torn down. At the backside of WPCP, was under-age club called Crackers. Club West Coast was a new construction club, which became Club Montage and now Spin.

Also, just a block up from gay Denny’s was Studio 9, another underage dance club.

—Phil, via our website

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