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‘Creative commerce’ is theme of award

Are you an art student or an emerging artist with a body of work? Take a chance and throw your hat into the ring for an opportunity to win a scholarship that will surely take your artistry and career to the next level.

Patric Stillman, founder of The Studio Door, an art studio, incubator and arts community located at 3750 30th Street in North Park, has announced a “unique opportunity” for local artists to win a “Business of Art” scholarship.

Stillman himself is uniquely qualified to be involved. His studio’s website says it is “dedicated to the creative marketplace, and the promotion of contemporary artists.”

Patric Stillman (center) with his partner Danne Sadler (right) in his exhibition booth at ArtWalk. (Courtesy Patric Stillman)

The scholarship is being awarded to one lucky art student or emerging artist through a collaborative relationship between Stillman, the San Diego Visual Arts Network and Mission Federal ArtWalk, a popular and prestigious annual art festival taking place April 29 and 30 in Little Italy.

The Business of Art scholarship gives the recipient the opportunity to indulge in the business side of their passion. Included in the award is a booth at ArtWalk, an extensive marketing package and professional development throughout 2017, with Stillman acting as mentor out of The Studio Door.

A local LGBT artist is co-sponsoring a “Business of Art” scholarship. (Courtesy Patric Stillman)

“This is such a fantastic opportunity for artists who want to engage in creative commerce,” said Stillman. “The whole package that The Business of Art scholarship offers is the type of platform that can really help establish an exciting career path for an emerging artist. I only wish I had professionals to help guide me through the realities of the art world when I was starting.”

In addition, the artist selected will be given the guidance needed to put together a portfolio, navigate the media, create a successful 10-foot-by-10-foot booth at the art festival, establish a 12-month action plan, develop further exhibit opportunities and achieve future goals.

“Originally, The Art of Business scholarship was a mentoring scholarship that was awarded to a SDSU student artist,” Stillman said. “The program has transformed over the years as different collaborators took the helm.”

Stillman, who was a community member of the former San Diego Art Department on Ray Street before he opened his own studio a couple blocks away, is an award-winning artist whose own work has been exhibited at the Louvre in Paris.

In 2016, Stillman was named “U.S. Mentor of the Year,” in Professional Arts magazine for his incubator lab and workshops at The Studio Door.

Stillman said last year’s scholarship winner was Lucia Ferreira Litowtschenko, who was mentored by Ginger Shulick Porcella, executive director of San Diego Art Institute.

Sandi Cottrell, managing director of ArtWalk who is heavily involved, often collaborates with other arts-based organizations within the region.

“This scholarship/mentoring opportunity has been a huge boost to the career path of past recipients,” Cottrell said. “The business aspect of selling your work is often not part of traditional art school curriculae, and this hands-on experience of preparing for a large art show provides skills and knowledge that would otherwise take years to gain.”

Stillman with the issue of “Professional Artist” magazine where he was
identified as “Mentor of the Year.” (Courtesy Patric Stillman)

“Patricia Fischer [of San Diego Visual Arts Network] has covered The Studio Door’s programs and exhibits over the past few years, most recently our Open Studios San Diego,” Stillman said. “When the discussion about this year’s program came up, she remembered that I was awarded Mentor of the Year and they thought I would be a good fit to take over the reigns this year.

“I have expanded the mentoring portion of the project so that the artist has a great experience at ArtWalk but also sets their sights on the next steps as well,” he said.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and an individual, not part of an ensemble or group. Artists who have gallery representation or an agent are not considered “emerging” and therefore not eligible. Visual artists who practice any fine art form are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must have established a modest, independent body of work; demonstrate commitment; have reliable transportation to attend mentoring meetings and other events.

Application for the scholarship is free.

“Becoming an artist that gets paid isn’t just about being able to create beautiful artwork, it’s about becoming a professional,” Stillman’s website says. “If you have a strong interest in being an artist and have begun to build a body of work, The Business of Art scholarship may be the next step for you to navigate the complex art industry while participating in this year’s Mission Federal ArtWalk.”

For a complete understanding of what’s involved and to download the application, visit

ArtWalk in Little Italy draws thousands of art lovers every year. (Courtesy
Mission Federal ArtWalk)


  1. Thank you to the staff of SDCNN for reporting on this awesome opportunity. The photo includes local artist Christina Schultz, who I had the honor of sharing a booth at ArtWalk in the past. The applications are already coming in so if you are an art student or emerging artist, make it happen! Keep living art.

  2. This is such a wonderful opportunity for artists, and Patric is has a wealth of knowledge on this subject. He has helped me so much!

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