Big Gay Days at Comic Con

Posted: July 16th, 2012 | The Gay Blog | 1 Comment

I went to Comic Con this weekend; not on an official media trip but as one of those regular, what’s-this-all-about attendees. First impression was I was certainly hoping for more costumes and less.. well, people, but regardless of the crowd it was just exactly what I expected.

There was a big gay panel on Saturday (a very big one, as it was celebrating 25 years as an official discussion at the event; good for them) and Sunday was a discussion with Alison Bechdel. Bechdel pens the “Dykes to Watch Out For” comics, and wrote one of the best graphic novels I’ve read, “Fun Home.”

In fact, there was a “real queer presence” at the convention this year, as stated in a LA Times article. It’s a good read, check it out.

Queerty’s post pulls from the LA Times article, and adds a little more information.

And then there’s this article from NBC… out of Dallas.

But Prism Comics has the best write up that I could find, and they should. The nonprofit has been supporting positive images of the LGBT community in comics for years, and their booth served as a center for all things gay at this year’s Comic Con.

(r) Alison Bechdel in the Prism Comics booth at this year’s Comic Con. (Courtesy Prism Comics/


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  1. Mark says:

    It’s really refreshing to know that SDCC is so welcoming to the gay community. Good for them indeed!

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