California connection to voter manipulation?

Posted: June 20th, 2012 | The Gay Blog | No Comments

The Advocate posted a compelling commentary today about a rogue filmmaker, Joe Fox, getting behind-the-scenes access to both sides of the 2009 “Question One” marriage equality fight in Maine. Both sides because he went back into the closet to befriend the opponents of marriage equality. Essentially their talking points were just that, talking points. What Fox was able to record them saying outside of the talking points is sad but not surprising. We’re not that stupid.

The purpose of the article is to give focus to the ballot fight for marriage equality again in Maine as well as Washington state. After Gov. Gregoire came out in support of full equality and the legislature followed, Washington voters decided they could do one better and gathered enough signatures to vote on people’s rights (I’m from Washington, this happens a lot).

But Fox makes another connection to California, in naming the PR firm responsible for the “not normal” campaign: Sacramento-based firm Schubert Flint Public Affairs. One of the founders, Frank Schubert, has sense left to start his own firm focused “almost exclusively on conservative issues.

From Fox’s article: “The shots were all being fired from the other side of the country, in downtown Sacramento, California – where the offices of political strategy firm Schubert and Flint Public Affairs were located.” Schubert and Flint, also behind Prop. 8’s talking points, were dictating how those in Maine discussed this very personal issue. Including one-the-ground campaign chair, Marc Mutty.

We hate it too, Marc.

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