Call to action: Protect trans* youth

Posted: March 3rd, 2017 | Editorial, Featured, Opinions | No Comments

By Max Disposti

On Feb. 22, the Trump administration levied an attack on our community’s youth.

By rescinding protection for transgender students that was in place under the Obama administration, Trump has proven that his campaign “promise” to protect LGBTQI people is a lie.

According to the Transgender Law Center (, 75 percent of transgender youth report feeling unsafe at school. Over 40 percent have been violently attacked at school because of their gender identity and more than half report skipping school to avoid bullying.

Rescinding this guidance sends the message to school boards, principals and parents that it’s OK to allow dangerous school environments to exist that can lead to suicide, depression, homelessness, addiction and HIV infection for transgender youth.

All students deserve the dignity of being free from harassment and discrimination, including use of the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identities. Refusing to protect our most vulnerable youth is deplorable and dangerous.

The North County LGBTQ Resource Center works every day to provide life-changing and life-saving programs and services to transgender youth. From mental health care to support groups, school advocacy and training and more, with your support the Center gives transgender youth what they need most: hope.

What can you do? Take actions to make schools safe.

This kind of willful indifference by the White House, Department of Education and Justice Department puts the lives of children at risk and is a disgrace to America. All children deserve the dignity of a safe and welcoming learning environment. Yesterday it was bathrooms, what will it be tomorrow?

Please join the North County LGBTQ Resource Center and our friends at the National Center for Transgender Equality ( to stand up and speak out against this action and support our basic human right to pee in peace!

  1. Call the federal government and make your voice heard.
  1. Call or email your local school superintendent and ask them to publicly opposeany legislative efforts that undermine the rights of our transgender youth anywhere in our country.

—Max Disposti is the executive director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center, now located at 3220 Mission Ave., Suite 2, Oceanside. For more informationvisit or call 760-994-1690.

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