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Memory Mambo

Caleb Rainey | Out on the Page “Memory Mambo” by Achy Obejas is a gorgeous novel that not only tells the story of Juani — a 24-year-old Cuban lesbian who has to navigate her family as well as a racist society — it also explores the history of Cuba, a little island that has preoccupied the United States for decades and still remains a topic in our national news.

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Caleb Rainey | Out on the Page “Are you saying all those tales you tell Ash have any basis in reality?” he said in disbelief. “They are only bed-time stories – it is superstition, nothing more.” Elinor’s voice took on an edge that Ash had never heard before. “Those tales serve a purpose, William, and how dare you dismiss our traditions as superstition? There is a reason they have survived.” —Malinda Lo from “Ash”

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Caleb Rainey | Out on the Page “What do they look like faggot, he says. Just leave me alone, Fuck off me. Get the fuck off me. He pushes, unable to move against me, and then he manages, rolling us over so that he pops up and off. Dick, he says, kicking snow across the top of me. Dick. The snow on my face begins to melt.

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‘Yes Means Yes!’

Caleb Rainey | Out on the Page “Sexual Intimacy, embodied affection, physical contact. These are as intrinsic to our human well-being as are fresh air, clean water, wholesome and nutritious foods. And these are just as likely to be commercialized, commodified, and contaminated by this dominant pharmo-bio-industrial-military culture.” –Toni Amato

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‘Christ Like’

Caleb Rainey | Out on the Page “In his drug enhanced daze, Mikey turned to watch the cars drive by with locked doors. The West Side Highway haunted by the ghosts of men who once walked in the arms of other men, women who once kissed the lips of other women, men who dressed as women, women who dressed as men and children who dressed as adults. However, in spite of death and AIDS, the […]

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‘Zami: A New Spelling of My Name’

Caleb Rainey | Out on the Page “I have felt the age-old triangle of mother father and child. With the ‘I’ at its eternal core, elongate and flatten out into the elegantly strong triad of grandmother mother daughter, with the ‘I’ moving back and forth flowing in either or both directions as needed. Woman forever. My body a living representation of other life older longer wiser. The mountains and valleys, trees, rocks. Sands and flowers […]

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