1,000 LGBTBEs and counting…

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By Michelle Burkart | #LGBTB2B

In January 2015, when the Small Business Administration and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) announced the launch of their Supplier Diversity Initiative LGBTBE Biz Builder partnership, the purpose was to help as many of the 1.4 million LGBT-owned businesses expand their contracting opportunities by getting LGBTBE certified. It was also a way to help our business community level the playing field even more in the world of corporate supplier diversity procurement and government contracting.

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The impacts of homelessness

By Ben Cartwright | Back Out with Benny

A couple of weeks ago, I was attacked late at night in Hillcrest by an unhoused individual. The man asked me for a dollar, I politely declined and then he attempted to take my bag from me. When I resisted, I was pushed to the ground, and I got pretty roughed up. While the cuts and bruises have pretty much healed, my thoughts on the situation continue to fester in my brain.

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Gourmet bar brunch

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

The owners of The Rail could have settled for a novice cook who’s good at scrambling eggs and frying bacon within the confines of the establishment’s small kitchen. Lucky for us they went the extra mile in recruiting a veritable chef to head up their brunch and lunch menus.

Chad Brunette is a graduate of the Las Vegas Art Institute’s culinary program and former sous chef at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. You know immediately when sinking your choppers into his wine-braised meatball sliders, for example, that a practiced, creative mind is at work.

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California SB 219 – the aging crisis: a historical perspective

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By William E. Kelly | Senior Matters

California’s Senate Bill 219 (SB 219), also known as the “bill of rights for LGBT seniors” was written by California state Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) and co-authored with Assembly members David Chiu (D-San Francisco) and Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona).

Its passage was announced after the August and September “Senior Matters” column about California state LGBT and San Diego County LGBT protections, respectively.

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‘Directly in the shoes’ of others

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By Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

The San Diego International Film Festival (SDIFF), held Oct. 4–8 and presented annually by the San Diego Film Foundation, is considered by many to be one of California’s premier events on the film festival circuit and is certainly something not to be missed by lovers of movies.

Each year, in addition to bringing top quality mainstream and independent films to the San Diego region from up to 68 countries around the world, the five-day festival continues to expand its offering of LGBT-themed films.

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Foodie Flashes – Sept. 29, 2017

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. | Foodie Flashes

The upcoming Bankers Hill Fall Festival will bring together many of the neighborhood’s core restaurants as they offer ticketed guests samples of their signature dishes. They’ll be joined by dozens of other businesses such as boutiques, fitness studios and art galleries that will provide information and demos about their products.

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Stonewall Rebellion: It wasn’t Judy!

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By Perry Brass | LGBT History Project

Many things have been said and written about “Stonewall,” the historic confrontation in June 1969 after a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a Mafia-run gay bar on Christopher Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village that ignited the Gay Revolution — and an incredible change in attitudes and feelings about queer people throughout the world.

Among them, it happened on the night of a full moon, so a lot of the craziness on the streets can be blamed on that — not true.

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A personal memoir

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By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

Bestselling author and journalist Steven Gaines is prolific. With 13 published books, nine of them in the realm of biography, Gaines has made an art of getting into other people’s heads — and letting them into his.

He has written or co-written insightful portrayals of such luminaries as The Beatles, Alice Cooper, The Beach Boys, and fashion designers Halston and Calvin Klein. But a year ago, Gaines took a literary leap into a new realm; memoir, and he landed well.

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The Tao of travel

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By Michael Kimmel | Life Beyond Therapy

For seven years I read the book, “365 Tao,” and did the daily meditations.

Taoism — an ancient Eastern philosophy — emphasizes compassion, spontaneity and harmony with nature. It says “go with the flow” and don’t be attached to things happening in a certain way. Easy to say, not so easy to do.

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Letters to the editor – Sept. 29, 2017

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Be smart about hepatitis A

The County of San Diego is experiencing a hepatitis A outbreak, which has significant ramifications for the gay male community in San Diego.

This outbreak is not food borne. The outbreak is currently centered in the homeless and injection and other drug-using communities through close person-to-person contact. However, the outbreak is already jumping to other populations and there are over 440 cases with 16 deaths.

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The strange case of Glen Meadmore

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By Pat Sherman

Guitarist/vocalist Glen Meadmore — a staple of the Los Angeles punk/avant-garde scene of the 1980s and 1990s and an early collaborator of drag megastar RuPaul —will bring his act back to San Diego for a performance at the Tower Bar in City Heights Sept. 22.  

Long before the native San Diegan built his media empire, RuPaul performed backing vocals for Meadmore onstage in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles, and on Meadmore’s mid-’80s country-techno LP, “Squaw Bread.”

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‘Notes on a Banana,’ a rich, enlightening memoir

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By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

Prepare one large stack of index cards, each containing the memory of a significant life event, its date and the author’s age at the time in one corner. Arrange the cards in chronological order. Mix in three themes — food, love and bipolar disorder — and stir gently. Skim off those cards that don’t blend well, and serve with humor, courage and poignant epiphany.

This is the recipe for “Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love and Manic Depression” (Dey Street Books, 2017), by cookbook author David Leite, creator of the website Leite’s Culinaria, and a three-time James Beard Award winner.

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Burger mania on Friars Road 

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Whether it’s fish tacos, fried chicken or some special sauce that becomes the signature item in certain restaurants, I always try cracking into their guarded recipe secrets through various means. Sometimes I luck out. But more often I hit a wall, especially in franchises protected by scripted personnel.

At Mr. Peabody’s Burgers & Ale, I more or less discovered the elusive ingredient that goes into their top-selling burgers.

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Foodie Flashes – Sept. 15, 2017

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. | Foodie Flashes

North Park will see its first hard-cider bar arriving in early October under the name Bivouac Ciderworks, which will also feature a full-service restaurant component. The project was conceived by Missouri transplant Matt Austin, an avid homebrewer with an architectural background, and San Diego native Lara Worm, who helped her parents run Bekker’s Catering.

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