Cuauhtémoc Kish says goodbye

This issue marks the end of an important part of Gay San Diego and the start of a new focus for one of our best contributors. It seems fitting that our friend and theater writer Cuauhtémoc Kish would choose this as his final issue for his theater reviews, as he started with us exactly three years ago: Gay San Diego’s inaugural issue June 18, 2010.

Cuauhtémoc Kish

Cuauhtémoc Kish

In that first issue he debuted our Theatre Scene column where, among other happenings in the vibrant local theater world, he honored The Old Globe Theatre founding director, Craig Noel. Cuauhtémoc also penned the funny and popular column Advice from the Beyond, where his most famous persona was no doubt Tammy Faye Bakker.

It is Cuauhtémoc’s theater reviews that were most read, however. From his first reviews of Cygnet Theatre’s “Private Lives” and Diversionary Theatre’s “Dog Sees God,” to this issue’s final three reviews, we are proud Cuauhtémoc has been a part of Gay San Diego.

Good luck to you, Cuauhtémoc, and thank you for being an important part of our community.

Below is a letter from Cuauhtémoc to his readers.

—Anthony King, editor


Gay San Diego Readers,

I have been writing theatre reviews for over a decade and it has opened up my eyes, ears, mind, soul and heart.

My intension has always been to provide the reader with a simple guidepost for the staged event; was the production worthy of your time and hard-earned cash? I like to think, above all else, I was always honest in the telling.

My best experience in writing reviews has been with Gay San Diego: Pat Sherman, the founding editor, and Anthony King have been nothing less than splendid, supporting editors and working for both has been a joy.

But I will now join my fellow readers as a patron of the arts to allow more time for a passion I have developed in the past year or so, fabric art. If you’re interested in following me along this new path, find me on Google.

In the meantime, enjoy some theater; there’s nothing like it.

Cuauhtémoc Q. Kish

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