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Singer-songwriters and married couple add parenting to the mix, embark on ‘Celebrating Families of Diversity’ tour

By Anthony King  | GSD Editor

Much has changed for the singing duo Jason & deMarco, as the couple start the next leg of their professional – and very personal – journey. Always mixing the two together, the singer-songwriters are touring once again after taking time off to have children, twins Mason and Noah.

(left) Jason Warner and (right) Marco DeCiccio of Jason & deMarco with their two sons, Mason and Noah (Courtesy

But they could not stay away from the music forever.

“I think we really thought that when we had kids, we were kind of retiring from the road,” said Jason Warner, who professionally goes by Jason. Marco DeCiccio, the second half of Jason & deMarco, agreed.

“This is an enormous endeavor, that we’ve organized this tour,” deMarco said. “I’m looking forward to being on the tour bus [because] the hardest work will be behind us and we’ll just be having fun.”

Now in their 10th year singing as a duo, the pair are heading out on a 35-day, 22-city tour titled “Celebrating Families of Diversity.” The tour brings them to San Diego on Feb. 8, for a concert held at the Metropolitan Community Church.

Jason & deMarco gained enormous popularity during their first few years, in part because the two identified as out, gay Christian artists. After two albums, they appeared on the cover of The Advocate magazine for the 2004 release of their third album, “Spirit Pop.” In 2007, they were featured in the documentary film “We’re All Angels.”

“We’ve been known in the affirming church circuit, [and] we’ve done a lot of inspirational music,” Jason said. “We’ll always do inspirational music, but we didn’t want this [tour] to be about the religious factor.” They will be singing songs from their selection of mainstream pop music, most that they have written themselves.

“We wanted this to be bigger than Jason & deMarco. We really want it to be about … celebrating families of diversity and making it something larger than us,” Jason said. “When we were touring [before], it was so much about us and so much about us being gay Christian artists. … This is really about so many families and the diversity we have in this country, and celebrating that.”

Together 11 years, the couple starting discussing parenthood after five years, though they were in the height of their music career, “riding a wave” in the music industry, Jason said. Two years later, they were still riding that wave.

Jason said they then took a hard look at what they wanted as a family.

“Could this could be the rest of our lives, or do we want something more? For us, that something more was creating a family,” he said, and they began by exploring adoption.

Through a series of coincidences, including a dinner where the couple were seated between two fertility experts by chance, they decided to pursue having children via surrogacy. With the help of two good friends, the twins were born in 2011.

“It couldn’t have gone any better than we planned it,” Jason said. “Everything just went so beautifully.”

In a way, it was a shift toward parenting that led to the tour, even though the pair previously said they would probably not tour again once the twins were born. The other factor, which Jason said was important in their decision to stage a tour for diverse families, was the ever-changing acceptance of the LGBT community.

Jason & deMarco’s latest album, “Safe” (Courtesy Project Publicity)

“The country is, I think, really shifting in their views of gay marriage, of homosexuality [and] of gay parenting, and I just think if we can be one of the many faces out there representing the community … it’s something that we’re contributing to society as a whole,” he said.

“Our Celebrating Families of Diversity tour will be an opportunity for our fans and friends to learn about surrogacy and the adoption process,” deMarco said. “We will share our personal story and experience during the concert, and tie it all together with our music.”

Currently living in Houston, Texas, the two will be happy to return to California, especially Los Angeles, where they share many happy moments, including an impromptu wedding ceremony.

“We actually, with very short notice, organized … a little celebration at the actual restaurant and bar that we met,” deMarco said. “That was kind of our first little wedding reception.”

deMarco “popped the question,” Jason said, when marriage equality became a reality in California, and the couple married in August 2008.

Songs on the tour will come from their last album, “Safe,” which was released before the twins were born. “Safe” also represents their nonprofit S.A.F.E., a charity benefitting LGBT foster children, and proceeds from several tour stops will benefit the nonprofit. The Feb. 8 show is no cost, with an offering accepted at the door.

The San Diego performance is at the Metropolitan Community Church, located at 2633 Denver St. near Mission Bay. Bobby Jo Valentine and Randi Driscoll will also perform, and the concert starts at 7 p.m. For more information, visit

For information on the complete tour, including the Feb. 12 show at the Noho Arts Center in Los Angeles, visit

“We have a message to share, and I think right now it’s so important,” Jason said. “Let’s go out there and do what we love to do, and have fun doing it.”


  1. Darrell says:

    So glad to hear this. That they have gotten married and now have children. Did they have the kids by surrogate?

  2. Harry Oliver says:

    Got my copy of your new Christmas CD a few days ago. It is wonderful as I expected it would be. Wanted to let you know we got married in California during the brief legal period before prop 8. Your music just keeps getting better. Sure would like to see a DVD. Thank you so m much for you continued great music. Love you guys.

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