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By Brian White | Fitness

[Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Brian White, a local fitness expert who was a regular in our sister paper, San Diego Uptown News, and will now be joining us here on the pages of Gay San Diego.]

Don’t start 2015 digging yourself out of a hole.

Brian White

Brian White

Get started now and hit the 2015 ground running. Rocking 2015 with a terrific and vibrant body starts NOW — in November — not sometime in January, hung over and way out of shape.

We allow ourselves to get so overwhelmed at this time of year. “I have so many parties to go to — I’ll be drinking and eating more.” “I’ll be eating foods I don’t usually eat, and exercise — how am I going to find time to exercise?”

Does that sound similar to the voice in your head? You know the one, the one that justifies sleeping in on a cold morning rather than going for a run, or the one that says ‘just one glass of wine’ won’t hurt. We all have that voice — some listen to it more than others, but it’s always there. In fact, that voice has already been telling you to not worry too much about the holidays, because you are going to be on top of your nutrition and exercise come Jan. 1! So this is just the calm before the storm that is January’s weight loss crusade.

My question is why put yourself behind the eight ball even more than you already are? Why justify the bad holiday habits, just because in January you think you are going to stop (maybe). It needs to start now — not an all-out assault, but a realistic plan that will lay the foundation for your January crusade.

Listed below is your plan to simplify your holiday exercise and nutrition regimen without losing your edge and without giving up friends, family and the holidays.

  1. Change your workout routine completely. Bring your resistance workouts down to just 40 minutes, but increase the intensity. Because you will be eating more this month — increase the weights you are using as much as is safe and do half the amount of reps. The extra work and intensity on your muscles will help suck up the extra sugar and calories you will surely be taking in at those parties.
  2. Drink 4-5 liters of water every single day — do not miss a day. When you are well hydrated, you will be less apt to give in to cravings, especially sugar. It is a well-known fact that those of us who deal with serious cravings are usually just dehydrated — but the body won’t necessarily know the difference.
  3. Focus on your sleep. Get an extra hour of sleep every single night. You should aim for 8.5 hours each night. This helps immensely — your entire life will be better with this one tip. Less sugar craving, more body fat burn, more muscle building, huge testosterone increases (guys: harder erections) and the body will also fight off stress better.
  4. Be aware of your thoughts. We are justification machines all year long, but we really crank up the amount of bullshit we tell ourselves to insane levels during the holidays. Do not eat mindlessly — journal your foods, eat slowly, pick your three favorite holiday foods and stick to those — don’t try everything. Pay attention to everything you put into your mouth this holiday season; a little mindfulness can go a long way to decreasing the excess calories this year.

Remember, the goal for the holidays is to get through them with relatively no damage and maybe a little progress, so that in January you will already be 5 pounds ahead of where you would have been if you hadn’t made the changes above.

—Brian White owns Brian White Fitness (BWF), located in Hillcrest. He runs boot camps in Balboa Park and trains clients at Diverge Gym. Read his blog at, or take his seven-day video challenge to get back into healthy habits. Contact Brian at

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