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By Max Disposti | North County Update

After almost four years of continuous activities, the North County LGBTQ Resource Center is now providing an incredible number of services. From free mental health to youth-related activities, school training and advocacy, there are over 25 organized recurring activities that occur at the Center each month.

Max Disposti

Max Disposti

While the Center has become the place to go in North County for LGBTQ related services, we know that we still have a long way to go before we can become a visible voice not only in Oceanside, but also in the rest of the region. Our mission is to continue to create more awareness and visibility in North County but also to advocate for equality and inclusiveness everywhere.

However, we always aim to do better and we would like to hear from you!

If you have participated in the NC Center activities or if you have come just once, or you have benefited from our presence in any way, please let us hear from you.

In the first feedback we have received, some folks have stated that they need more social and interactive activities. Particularly in North County, people feel isolated because there are not many venues where they can go and gather in public. We agree!

Another group voiced their need to see us more visible in other North County cities. We agree to this as well!

As matter of fact, as you fill out the survey let us know if you are willing to offer your expertise to facilitate a social gathering anywhere in North County, we will be very happy to support and accommodate other events as well.

In the meantime, more activities have been added each year and we are getting ready to move sometime in November to a bigger facility that should accommodate more of you as well.

If you do not find something that fits you, it is not because we are not interested or do not care, establishing new activities and programs takes time, dedication and even money, so please be patient with us.

Overall, through our survey we are looking to see if what we have started is going in the right direction, but we are thankful to all of you for the incredible support already received.

Having 10,000 visitors through our doors in the past year is certainly a sign that our Center was a needed reality in North County.

Here is our five-minute survey: You can also find it online at

—Max Disposti is a human rights activist, a community organizer and the founder and executive director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center. He is currently also serving on the boards of the Oceanside City Library and Main Street Oceanside and previously served on the city’s Community Relations Commission. He can be reached at

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