Letters to the editor – April 29, 2016

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Cheers for Cori

[Ref: “A city in flux,” Vol. 7, Issue 8 or at]

Cori [Schumacher]’s stands on social justice and fairness were already known to those who have had the fortune to work with her.

However, with the Carlsbad initiative, Cori has definitely displayed all her potential. With kindness, but the determination of someone that does not quit, she helped make the unthinkable a reality.

This is not just about the defeat of Measure A; Cori has given hope back to the people and taught us how unity, honesty, transparency and determination can overcome private interests and big money.

On a more personal level, I can’t think of a better candidate to represent the interests of the citizens of Carlsbad and North County. Cori will always be a friend of the community and a great supporter of the work we do here at the North County LGBTQ Center.

—Max Disposti, via email

Excellent article. Accurately reflects Cori’s love of Carlsbad. Looking forward to campaigning for “Cori for Council.” We need her kind of leadership in Carlsbad.

—Cassandra Tompkins, via

Cori brings so much to our table in Carlsbad. Forward thinking, problem solving, inclusiveness … all describe what I see in Cori and what we need for Carlsbad. We are so fortunate that Cori is running for City Council! Getting to know her through Measure A, I am proud to call Cori a friend!

—Hope Nelson, via

Cori will bring a breath of fresh air to the leadership in Carlsbad. I think the current leadership and others just like them have been in power for so long that they have forgotten that they serve at the will of the people and for the people; the people are not there to serve them. Their open disdain of citizens who have spoken at City Council meetings and their unprofessional behavior while citizens are speaking (eye-rolling, talking to each other, texting on cell phones, laughing when it is inappropriate) demonstrates how little they are concerned about the people who live in Carlsbad and pay the taxes that allow them to function.

On the other hand, Cori has already begun to seek out citizen input on issues relevant to our daily lives. She has done thorough research on recent zoning changes and other modifications to the city’s general plan that the City Council tried to sneak by the citizens last September while many people were out collecting signatures to undo their August move to deprive the citizens of their vote on Measure A.

She is educating the people of Carlsbad about what could happen to their city should the current pro-development City Council be allowed to continue unchecked.

—Jan Neff-Sinclair, via

It’s Cori’s time. We need her more than I realized. Measure A has woken Carlsbad up and tens of thousands of us indeed are marching along side her. She’ll be a fantastic council member. The tide is changing and it can’t happen soon enough.

—Tanya Brooking, via

Intelligent young blood … out with the old … IN with next generation … they will carry on … Go Cori, Go! Peace.

—Kim Trujillo, via

Aging well

[Ref: “Back Out With Benny: It’s OK to age,” Vol. 7, Issue 7, or at]

What a wonderful column! I think you are very wise for your years. As a very happy gay man of 62, I am pleased to tell you that it gets even better at 40, 50, 60! Really, it does …

Keep up the good work!

—Michael Kimmel, via

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