Letters to the editor – Aug. 19, 2016

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Archives correction

[Ref: “Out of the Archives: Pride, presentations and outreach,” Vol. 7, Issue 16, or online at]

I need to correct a mistake I made in this column. Neither Marcia P. Johnson nor Sylvia Rivera were ever trans or transitioned. Both were male persons of color, drag queens and activists. They were trans-supportive and worked for transsexual (the word in use at the time) rights, especially to protect youth.
Thanks to City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez for the correction and education.

—Maureen Steiner, President, Lambda Archives, via

USNS Harvey Milk

[Ref: “U.S. Navy to name ship after Harvey Milk,” Vol. 7, Issue 16, or online at]

Thank you for everything you have done for Harvey and for our LGBT community. I remember when Harvey was put to rest and how our gay student union at Los Angeles Community College wanted to also do a tribute in honor of Harvey, we collected funds to start up the Harvey Milk Scholarship back then when I was in school.

Your determination will be another tribute that I will always treasure especially now that our son is in the Navy and he is a great example that gay parents could raise a positive-minded son.

—Jose de Jesus Ortiz-Barreto, Los Angeles LGBT Center, via

I am so happy and proud of all the people who worked hard to have a naval vessel named after LGBT civil rights leader Harvey Milk. I was a bit apprehensive when I first learned of the plan- mainly over wanting a war ship in his honor. But as I learned more of the movement and the John Lewis class of ships, I realized that this achievement would just add another mark of honor that our country has made in his name.

As the LGBT community nationwide, we scored big with this news. As a city, we also have much to be proud of, knowing that the ship will be built right here in San Diego.

A big thank you to Nicole Murray-Ramirez, the International Court System, Stuart Milk and the Harvey Milk Foundation, and all who were involved and wrote letters of support. History in the making once again!

—Eddie Rey, San Diego LGBT Visitors Center, via

Sobering Stand Down

[Ref: “Ten-hut,” Vol. 7, Issue 16, or online at]

It was my pleasure to volunteer with Stand Down and collaborate with VVSD at the Free Rainbow Community Resources area at San Diego Pride with Sobriety Village.

Community and fellowship of “like-minded” peers is integral to initiating a “sober life” and staying alive with an addictive mind. The fellowship at the 33-year old nonprofit, the Live and Let Live Alano Club, combines recovery with these connections. Thankfully the GLBT veterans are now out and eager to help each other in their newly chosen sober freedom.

—Robert Tice, via

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