Letters to the editor – Aug. 4, 2017

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[Ref: “Gay News Briefs: SDGMC brings ‘DIVAS’ to San Diego,” Vol. 8, Issue 15, or online at]

Thank you for your article on Stepping Stone and the SDGMC. The correct URL for Stepping Stone is

—Steven Blocker, via email

Enjoyed Pride moments 

[Ref: “Pride moments,” Vol. 8, Issue 15, or online at]

Great work [on this piece]. 

I noticed your quote from Omar Passons, candidate for County Supervisor, District 4, and just wanted to say that I just happened to post his views on our aging population on my “Caring for Our LGBT Seniors in San Diego” group’s Facebook page earlier. 

I will be keeping an eye on his candidacy. 

—William “Bill” Kelly, via

A more considerate question 

[Ref: “Guest editorial: A tale of two activists,” Vol. 8, Issue 15, or online at] 

Editor’s note: This reply is from the community member that the above referenced editorial was written in response to.


I respect your opinions about our community and its diverse political opinions. What I don’t respect was the San Diego Pride organization’s conscious decision to leave out of Ms. Jester’s official bio on their website honoring her many accomplishments and contributions to the local LGBTQ community, any mention of her affiliation for many years with the Log Cabin Republicans or her years of service as a campaign consultant to Republican candidates. 

From your glowing comments about her contributions, you mention her affiliations and her rejection of the president’s agenda. 

Why would San Diego Pride choose to totally whitewash her Republican past and make no mention of it whatsoever? That’s not honest, nor transparent, it’s deception. You can’t have it both ways, privately honoring her past work, yet essentially publicly deceiving the public of her factual work accomplishments. 

Think about that and let that settle in before you make claims of in-fighting in our community. Open and honest discussion of one’s accomplishments is the point.

John Thurston, via our website 

Tracing our personal histories 

[Ref: “Out of the Archives: Tracing San Diego’s queer history,” Vol. 8, Issue 14, or online at]. 

 1974 is correct. I support the previous individual [posted online, below the article] in response. 

My dear love and best friend shared Gay Pride with me. We told stories; walked in the 1974 parade; feared our lives; wore brown bags with holes cut out to see; AIDS/HIV … yes, all of it. 

I have been attending this event for over 20 years or more.
Fifteen years I got to experience it with my beautiful best friend and my love. 

In 1996-2011, 
I learned about Lambda Archives and how important this was, the history, all related to her history and gay community/family involvement. 

Fifteen years of Pride with her. We saw religious protesters that would yell with megaphones at us while watching the parade. 

In 1998, we were “tear gassed.” We lived it, she was on the news; it was a very bad thing for so many innocent people. 

In 2011, even after chemotherapy treatment, she attended her last Pride Parade. If this isn’t history, what is? 

She passed Nov. 1, 2011. I will always go to Pride in honor of Geri M. Wilson. 

—Kristin M. Shelley, via 

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