Letters to the editor: Feb. 2, 2018

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Feedback on ‘Conversations with Nicole’

[Ref: “The ‘Mayor of Hillcrest’ has landed,” Vol. 9, Issue 2, or online].

It might be wise to do better research before slandering people online. That “holiday card” photo is a satirical post my husband did on our own IG account, @rick_and_the_griffopotamus. Our post referenced the scandal of Traveling Butts in a satire of how Christmas is now about worshipping Santa and commercialism, i.e., posing nude in front of a “religious temple.”

Please remove this article as well as our image, as we have not given permission for your publication to present it. Thank you.

—Rick and Griff Twombley-King, via, email and voicemail


Nicole says, “I contacted some of my connections in the State Department and also got the assistance of a local member of Congress.” Yeah, sure you did. Why didn’t you just claim you went over there and single-handedly busted them out of prison?

It’s really nice to see that after the 150 years you’ve been around, you’re still a mean spirited, self-absorbed braggart, judgmental, simple-minded drag queen without a real purpose. And for the record, you’ve sure done a lot worse than exposing your butt cheeks, all eight of them.

In every column, you always tell us how wonderful you are, how someone else is evil, and yet in your twilight years, you’re still a miserable old hag that is and always has been mooching off the government tit. You’re a disgrace not just to the gay community, but to the human race. Some things never change, especially when it comes to someone giving you a platform to spread your own form of hate and misinformation.

—Gino, via


Gay San Diego has hit a new low by providing NMR a platform. The LGBT community was waiting with baited breath for this nasty queen to ride off into the sunset and yet you have revived him. I can only hope that he is not paid for this drivel.

David and Morgan, what were you thinking?

—Mitch Collins, via


I should not be surprised this opportunist, nobody, has-been, has wormed his or her way to another column. I never thought my opinion of Morgan could sink lower!

—Kevin, via


There are a number of people who’ve sent me some hateful FB posts defending the Dasilvas. I’m glad to read your article here to see I’m not alone. I was told because of my age, I had no right to condemn my fellow GLBT brothers and their embarrassing behavior.

These American representatives failed in the responsibility of all tourists to respect the laws of all other countries. Unfortunately, I was baited by these “youngin’s” and posted traveling butts ought to have been “caned” prior to their deportation. Sigh …

—David Dale, via


It’s not often that I agree with NRM, but he is spot on in this case!!! These two self- absorbed buffoons are an embarrassment to the gay community.

Pathetic that they are trying to make a $$ on it also.

And finally, when you’re in your 20s it might be cute to go around flashing your butt, but come on, you are almost 40, guys. Grow up!

—Rocky, via


Reading Nicole Murray Ramirez’s column in Gay San Diego on funding for a San Diego AIDS memorial at Olive Street Park — “Over 8,000 San Diegans have died of AIDS and the San Diego AIDS Memorial Task Force will soon be seeking names for the San Diego AIDS Memorial, set for its groundbreaking in 2019 at Olive Street Park in Bankers Hill. On Dec. 11, 2017, the City Council voted unanimously for $500,000 to be designated to build the San Diego AIDS Memorial at Oliver Street Park.” — makes me wonder how the City Council passed this $500K allocation without any public comment?

Reading the Council Resolution of Dec. 12, 2017, R311466, on page 13, items 83, 84, and 85 seem intertwined?  Movement of funds from and to Gas Tax Fund, General Fund, to Olive Street and the same amount mentioned by NMR?

[City Council docket for Dec. 12 can be found online at].

Is it because the mayor’s wife is on the AIDS Memorial Task Force that the task force has no public accountability?

Editor’s note: The author of the above letter included links to the following other two articles for further context, but note that one of them refers to Ramirez as a “she.”


“Proposed AIDS memorial for Olive Street,” San Diego Reader, Oct. 24; and, “AIDS memorial plan not so great, residents say,” San Diego Reader, Oct. 31

—Charles Kaminski, via email

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