Letters to the editor – July 22, 2016

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On the move to San Diego

[Ref: “Back Out With Benny: It’s always someone’s first time,” Vol. 7, Issue 14, or online at]

Super article. I was an activist in LA ’70s and ’80s and can remember the first Pride events, great fun events expressing community.

Been in the process of exploring a move to San Diego County for a couple years, so I recently Googled “San Diego gay and lesbian leaders” to better understand what is happening in the area.

A friend of 30+ years from LA and Palm Springs that I would run into at various spiritual workshops kept suggesting Encinitas. Have made several visits to Mission Beach area and Encinitas. North County Coast is me. Hope to meet and participate in activities once I get settled late 2016.

My biggest concern is for the 12 to 20-year old age group that are having difficulty with sexual identity. Counseling professionals tell me a large percent of suicides with this group is because of their sexual identity and related issues. How very sad and unnecessary.

Good wishes beautiful San Diego County.

—John Edward Jones, via

Art appreciation

[Ref: “South Bay Alliance: Announcing SB Pride’s featured LGBTQ artist,” Vol. 7, Issue 14, or online at]

I don’t know much about art, although I do know when something moves me … and the work [displayed in this column] titled, “Rainbow Pulse” did exactly that.

When I first saw it, I immediately thought of “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt. It’s beautiful and I would be proud to display in my home.

—Jessica Brown, via

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