Letters to the editor – June 10, 2016

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Accuracy counts

Ref: “Around the horn,” Vol. 7, Issue 11, or online at

I am Bob Lehman’s husband [Editor’s note: Lehman is the executive director of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus].

Today at lunch, we saw your article “Around the Horn” had come out and I began to read it to Bob from my phone.

It was the most accurate, comprehensive and well-written overview of what happened we’ve seen or read anywhere. Your piece was so accurate that it took me personally right back to those days leading up to the game and the night itself.

I had to stop reading twice because I couldn’t speak, I got so choked up. About halfway through, I had to hand the phone to Bob for him to finish reading.

So, just a simple thank you.

Neither of us have ever experienced anything like it, not even when we were in the middle of the marriage battle or DADT.

I think documenting the events is very important and appreciate what I’m sure was a lot of work to do so.

—Tom Felkner, via email

Cheers to a friend

Ref: “Slinging drinks in the Conch Republic,” Vol. 7, Issue 11, or online at

I’m so proud of Jef and his growth at Babycakes over the years. He’s an incredible bartender, takes great care of his customers (regulars and first-timers alike), and has become a great friend.

I’m so thankful that he selected #BeTheGeneration as his charity, too. It’s such an important cause we are working on, and I’m so grateful to Jef for making it a priority. Go, Jef!

—Benny Cartwright, via

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