Letters to the editor – June 23, 2017

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Local art appreciation

[Ref: “ArtZine: Art around town,” Vol. 8, Issue 12, or online at]

June has been a wonderful month for LGBTQIA artists and their artwork. Thank you Gay San Diego and Morgan Hurley for keeping all of us informed.

Hope to see all of our community come by to see PROUD and PROUD at Pride at The Studio Door and San Diego Pride offices before the end of the month. Keep living art.

—Patric Stillman, via


On Elizabeth’s return

[Ref: “Where in the world is Elizabeth Hannon?,” Vol. 8, Issue 12, or online at]

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Ty, two of the smartest, most sensitive and creative women I know.

Whatever their hearts and minds touch will be successful and inspiring in ways unimaginable.

—David Harrington Campbell, via


Racial injustice

[Ref: “Back Out With Benny: Racial injustice is an LGBTQ issue,” Vol. 7, Issue 20, or online at]

Excellent article! I totally agree.

—Jeff, via

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