Letters to the editor – June 24, 2016

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John Ealy love

Ref: “Team mom,” Vol. 7, Issue 11, or online at

Thank you for sharing this great story about John Ealy! He’s a wonderful businessman, philanthropist and friend — and tons of fun to hang out with, too! I’m so glad that Harley Gray is doing so well — it’s a fantastic restaurant and bar!

—Ben Cartwright, via

Disgruntled reader

Ref: “Minding the gap,” Vol. 7, Issue 11, or online at

No mention of the $20K that the HBA and some of their board members, like Cecelia Moreno of the Crest Cafe and Charles Kauffman of Bread & CIE, personally raised to pay Republican lobbying firm California Strategies to sway Todd Gloria’s vote on the SANDAG committee to defeat the vastly superior and community based design by Jim Frost known as Transforming Hillcrest?

This artist’s rendering is abysmal compared to Frost’s and the community’s vision for making Hillcrest a tree-lined pedestrian and bike-safe oriented community where shops would thrive. Instead you focus on eternal complaint by the greedy businesses … loss of parking.

This reads more like a press release for the opponents of any change, rather than informing the reader of all facets of the issues, people and money at play.

—John Thurston, via

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