Letters to the editor: March 2, 2018

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More AIDS memorial angst

[Ref: “Guest Editorial: Shady funding deal for AIDS Memorial?,” Vol. 9, Issue 4, or online].

So the corrupt city politicians stole money from the taxpayers to fund a project they wanted the public to know little about. I’m not surprised.

Chris Ward needs to be asked about his part in this. The vote to hide the transfer of money from taxpayers took place just three months ago.

I feel sorry for the residents of Bankers Hill who live next door to the proposed memorial site. The city should never have designated that tiny parcel a public park.

It doesn’t matter that it was a gift. That parcel has no view or any other particular distinction. It is little more than an attractive nuisance — an empty lot that attracts who knows what sort of people.

It should be zoned residential in line with neighboring parcels. The city should use it for senior housing and put the memorial elsewhere.

Whatever memorial the city and community finally come up with should be tasteful. A fountain, plaque, tree, or flower bed with some seating around it. Not something that costs half a million dollars.

— Andrew Towne, via

A memorial should represent the community that it’s placed in. Bringing people together, not dividing them. This does not and it doesn’t have the public support. Third and Olive Street is a small multi-use, little park, in an obscure, out of sight, out of mind location, not suited for a city AIDS memorial.

AIDS, the “gay plague,” is very much a part of our LGBTQ history. Hillcrest is the neighborhood where the AIDS memorial story should be told and displayed for future generations to come.

HIV/AIDS is still not over. It is now a manageable disease, but there is still no cure. Prevention to educate all, especially our gay youth, should be our top priority to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. Let’s go for the cure.

— Rick Wilson, via email

Olive Street is not an accessible or visible enough location. Those we have lost to AIDS really deserve better.

— John Keasler, via

Support for loss

[Ref: “Obituary: John-Michael Brooks,” Vol. 9, Issue 4, or online].

Michael and Dan: You both are in my heart and I send much love, offer strong shoulders and send a gentle breeze to John-Michael as he wings his way to heaven, where he no doubt will lead the choir of angels.

— Paolo Wakham

Joy for art

[Ref: “A community of artists,” Vol. 8, Issue 25, or online].

Nice assortment of creative artists work! You’re sure to find something here. Succulents, soaps, salves, jewelry, cards, photographs and so much more. Don’t forget to venture up to the second floor. My favorite beaded and crystalized lamp is up there! Gorgeous!

— Louise, via

Can’t wait to come to your store. I live in North Park just down the street. I will come in a couple of days.

— Catherine Vercruyssen, via

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