Letters to the editor – May 13, 2016

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More on aging

[Ref: “It’s OK to age,” Vol. 7, issue 8, or online at]

Benny, great article again! Not sure if Michael the psychologist agrees or not, but I don’t wait for friends to go out with me. I do many a thing by myself. I pity those who CAN’T do something unless they enter the arena with someone else. Nothing wrong with “going it by yourself” vs. not even going out.

Is there something wrong with someone who can go to a movie or eat by themselves?

Is there something wrong with someone who can’t go out by themselves?

My guess is they are both OK!

Also, no age numbers or barriers on wearing any type of clothing or doing any activity please!

I mean if someone loves skateboarding and is good at it … are they supposed to say at age 50, “well I guess I can’t skateboard any longer cuz I’m 50 now and it wouldn’t ‘look right’!”

Also is clothing labeled “for ages 18 – 30 only”? I didn’t see that label!

Rich Stevens, via

Is Hillcrest the place for an AIDS memorial?

[Ref: “Guest Editorial: Build the AIDS Memorial in Hillcrest,” Vol. 7, Issue 9, or online at]

I, too, would like to see the memorial in Hillcrest, the heart of the LGBT community. I recently suggested the garden at the corner of University and Centre–the corner of The Center’s parking lot. Great visibility from University Ave and also just a block from the flagpole.

Walter G. Meyer, via

I do not think a busy traffic intersection or thoroughfare is the best location for this memorial. I can’t recommend a suitable alternative, but I do think the memorial should be located in a place safely accessible to pedestrians and that offers a level of dignity, not commercialization.

Prime examples are the National AIDS Memorial Grove (San Francisco) and Chicago Peace Garden.

Gary P, via

With this announcement the chameleon-like Benjamin Nicholls shows exactly what a total and complete hypocrite he is and how ironic that he will bend over in Hillcrest to try and appease everyone, yet at the same time is doing nothing but feathering the HBA’s Republican business owners’ nest.

This is the same Republican who felt it appropriate to insult every single victim and survivor of the AIDS epidemic by lowering the community’s Pride Flag in honor of Nancy Reagan, and now at the same site he plans to kiss the community’s ass with an AIDS memorial? The HBA should have absolutely nothing to do with another public relations stunt for a memorial.

Has our community lost any inkling of being an alternative community anymore? Have we lost any any sense of outrage at being toyed with by Republican posers trying to take our hard-earned dollars?

Who exactly are you Mr. Nicholls, the consummate manipulator trying to influence gay men with your vanity and metrosexual looks, or nothing but a slick non-elected, back-stabbing liar who will stop at nothing to seek approval from others?

One only need know that Nicholls also lowered the Pride flag in honor of fellow conservative Republican and denier of marriage equality on the Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia. That’s a real ally of our community.

I refuse to spend one cent in Hillcrest until Nicholls and his Republican agenda are forced out of the neighborhood.

John Thurston, via

If you want to know what this editorial is really about, it’s about convincing the city to hand over more publicly-owned land to the HBA, a non-LGBT and private “mutual benefit corporation.”

This sudden effort to have an “AIDS memorial” at Normal and Harvey Milk streets is just the latest attempt to make that happen.

But don’t take my word for it: follow the link to see the plans the HBA originally had to install a 30-feet high by 20-feet wide multi-colored LED sign for the Hillcrest Farmers Market, on the exact site this editorial now says “would be the perfect home for this memorial.”

The Truax House, possibly the first AIDS hospice in the nation, is rightly being considered as the appropriate place for an AIDS memorial. The attempt to co-opt that effort for a private land-grab is the definition of shameless.

Mat Walhstrom, via

NOW to reach a milestone

[Ref: “Roses for equality,” Vol. 7, Issue 9, or online at]

Thank you for writing a great article. It is most appreciated. It is my hope that we as a chapter are able to begin and work together to fulfill the thoughts and goals of feminists all San Diego, California, the United States and globally. It is the ripple effect. Join us, as we will work and walk together for equality!

Kim Sontag-Mulder, via

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