Letters to the editor – May 27, 2016

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Open letter to Todd Gloria

This is to voice my support of the proposal prepared by Mr. Soheil Nakhshab, of Nakhshab Development & Design, Inc., to develop the [Truax House, near Laurel Avenue and Union Street].

When implemented, this project will be a significant and positive step forward for the Uptown community as well as the city in utilizing a critical city owned parcel for the public good.

I ask for your leadership and support as I realize that you are and have been a strong advocate for the following major issues that Mr. Nakhshab addresses.

  1. Rehabilitation of the [property] as a fitting memorial to Dr. Truax and the LGBT community.
  2. Dedication of space in the house for use as a community-oriented facility.
  3. Provision of affordable housing on the site.
  4. Creation of dedicated access to link the property with Maple Canyon open space.

Since these admirable goals match your own, as well as the Bankers Hill neighborhood, I strongly urge you to find a way to dispose of the property in a manner that would be conducive to Mr. Nakhshab and his plans.

If this is achieved, it will truly result in a “win-win” situation for both the citizens of San Diego as well as the city.

Selling the property to the highest bidder will only result in yet another overbuilt/overpriced condominium project and a one-time small contribution to the city’s General Fund.

Please take action to insure this proposed development takes place on this currently under utilized property since the benefits to the larger community will continue for the generations to come.

—James T. Frost, via email 

Coming out on stage

[Ref: “He wants the world to know,” Vol. 7, Issue 10 or online at]

One of my favorite local bands and based on the few social encounters I’ve had with Frank, he is truly an intelligent, polite, professional musician.

He’s not one to skimp on songwriting, either. That is to say, nothing sounds lazy, tired, or played out. It’s all vital, fresh and inspired original songwriting of a higher standard. I must confess, the music does touch a nerve with the Stranglers fanatic in me! Cheers to Frank.

—Kyle Hoffman, via


[Ref: “Guest editorial: Solving homelessness,” Vol. 7, Issue 10 or online at]

Thanks for the thoughtful analysis of homelessness in San Diego. Very few candidates or office holders understand the duplicity and often ineffectiveness of the County behavioral health safety net.

Homeless people are often plagued by some type of addiction driven by fear. The fear creates a disease, not a logical choice to use ‘Spice’ or other substances like crystal meth, heroin or alcohol to self-medicate. Peer-to-peer counseling and fellowship-like support groups and harm reduction groups have existed at the Live and Let Live Alano Club (

It is urgent for a “wrap-around program to stop HIV/AIDS and homelessness,” similar to Rachel’s House for Domestic Violence survivors to be studied and implemented now! Consideration urgent.

—Robert Tice, via

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