Letters to the Editor: Nov. 24 – Dec. 7, 2017

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Tesloop interest

[Ref: “Taking a loop in a Tesla,” Vol. 8, Issue 23, or online at]

Thank you very much for this most informative article. I have seen this service featured on TV but did not have the details.

I appreciate it very much and look forward to your next article in this series.

All the best.

— Jerry Peterson, via

Some backstory

[Ref: “A tremendous splash of color,” Vol. 8, Issue 22, or online at]

I wrote about this property sometime back [in The Reader, found here and here].

The owner is Alexander Pellegrino; he is not a tenant. The General Store was always a tenant, not an owner. The company got into trouble when it renovated the building without city permits, and they were fined $1,000.

Pellegrino was always very difficult to get information from. The building to the east had multiple tenants, even a weed store once. It didn’t last long.

As for The General Store, it never was busy when I went by, and I don’t know how they stayed in business so long. Parking was iffy, as was getting in/out. It was a terrible location for a retailer, even though the store was cool. I never understood why they leased that space. It was unwise.

— David Batterson, via email

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