Letters to the editor – Sept. 16, 2016

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Cheers for the Rabbi

[Ref: “United she stands,” Vol. 7, Issue 17, or online at]

We are getting such overwhelmingly positive feedback from your expanded profile on Laurie Coskey in Gay San Diego. Thank you! I learned so much about her reading it and we have already shared it on United Way’s social media.

—Sandy Young, via email 

Recruiting for change

[Ref: “Truman wants YOU!” Vol. 7, Issue 18, or online at]

One of the best and most positive and uplifting articles I have read in a long, long time!

—William “Bill” Kelly, via 

Remembering Ross

[Ref: “Chosen family,’’ Vol. 7, Issue 18, or online at]

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your story on Alice and Ross. You did a wonderful job, very well written, and your article totally honored two of the most valued and important volunteers this agency has ever had. They truly are a part of the Stepping Stone family.

On behalf of the board, staff, alumni and residents, I am sending you a very big thank you!

—Cheryl Houk, executive director, Stepping Stone, via email

Thank you — what a great article and fitting tribute. Very meaningful to have the four personal remembrances. Appreciate your contribution acknowledging our service.

—Alice Henry-Taylor, via email

The labors of love and coffee

[Ref: “Labor of love,’’ Vol. 7, Issue 18, or online at] Editor’s note: We received a number of comments, posed directly to the subjects of the article, which we chose to share.

Hi Kathy, Sheryl and I were in last Saturday to see [the] shop on University and missed you! We met you on Pride Saturday before the parade and discovered how delicious your coffee is!

I would love to see you and chat — if you remember, I had a coffee shop/teahouse in Rhode Island.

Congratulations on this great article and all the best wishes for your success!

—Monica Evon, via

Hi Kathy and Barb. It’s been five years since I’ve been in San Diego. There was no doubt you would be successful. It looks like your hard work and brilliance is paying off. I’m so happy for you both.

As usual Barb, your art is beautiful.
I also miss those Pearl Harbor survivors, those crazy guys, I hope they, too, are doing well.

—Rhonda Corbin, via

I am so proud of you Barb and Kathy … I really truly am …

—Christa Newland, via

Yesterday I had a great cup of “Chief” [brand coffee] while admiring Barbara’s art that was painted with … COFFEE.

You two are my heroes! Congrats on the new University shop.

And I wish this article included how you both are so beloved by the Pearl Harbor survivors.

—Vicki Jones-Pittman, via

Open and affirming in East County

[Ref: “Guest Editorial: East County church opens hearts, minds and doors,” Vol. 7, Issue 18, or online at]

What a joy that book signing/brunch day was!

People are still talking about the feelings of closeness we have for each other and this terrific and articulate family! Our family feels blessed and truly lucky to be included in the process of becoming open and affirming!

My invitation is for anyone looking for a faith journey filled with love and being connected to people who care about you, that you feel welcome to attend Foothills Church at 4031 Avocado Blvd., La Mesa, California, 619-670-4009, services at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. See you in church!

Lesley Huffaker, via

UPS practices called into question

I wish to make Gay San Diego and our community aware of LGBT discriminatory practices of UPS.

I understand their policy for someone to pick up a package is that they must have the same last name. While it is customary for heterosexual couples to have the same last name, thus allowing a spouse to pick up a package, it is not the case for same sex couples.

I know of a few married couples that have either hyphenated or changes their last names, [but] everyone (including UPS) should understand that this is not the practice in the gay community.

I understand the concern for security. Anyone picking up a package for a loved one can prove they are at the same address via driver’s licenses and utility bills.

Perhaps this is a minor issue, but is a practice that unfairly affects our community.

At first I tried to make UPS directly aware of this, after five phone calls to various representatives and supervisors, they had no intention of getting me to someone who could address this. Thus allowing a discriminatory practice to continue.

Your help is greatly appreciated in making the community aware of this is appreciated.

—Michael Martinez, via email

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