Letters to the editor – Sept. 30, 2016

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Food for thought

[Ref: “Dining review: The quirkiest café on earth,” Vol. 7, Issue 19, or online at]

Thanks for the heads up. Now I know to avoid this restaurant. Though I’m sure I would have lost my appetite anyway after seeing all the Trump memorabilia.

—Mike, via

Cheers for alma mater

[Ref: “SDSU named top school for LGBT students,” Vol. 7, Issue 19, or online at]

Great story! As I was quoted above, I truly am proud of how far SDSU has come.

—Ben Cartwright, via

Love wins

[Ref: “Labor of love,” Vol. 7, Issue 19, or online at]

Loved reading your article and hearing of your success! All my best wishes to you!

—Helen Metzger, via

Keeping up with Boy George

[Ref: “Interview: Boy George talks about getting clean …” Vol. 2, Issue 6, or online at]

Boy George has been a huge blessing to me since my niece and grandniece tragic death. It is a comfort to read about his life. And true meaning of life. Thank you.

—Sylvana, via

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