Meet the new Mr. Gay San Diego: Deximus Starr

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Dex was born in Germany and moved to Camp Pendleton with his mother and stepfather when he was 4. While he moved around a lot, Dex said he always felt that San Diego was his home and returned 10 years ago for good.

He said he joined the competition on “impulse” after seeing a post on Facebook from Robert Rodriguez (Robb Rod), one of the co-producers of the event.

The 2017-2018 Mr. Gay San Diego (Photo by Eric S. Arts)

“I immediately messaged him, without even thinking about it,” Dex said. “I just knew, whatever it was, I wanted to be a part of it.”

When he learned there hadn’t been a Mr. Gay San Diego contest in a decade, Dex said the news made it even more important for him to “deliver a lasting impression” in his pursuit of the title.

While the new Mr. Gay San Diego had attended numerous events produced by Big Mike Phillips, Scott Parman and Robb Rod in the past, Dex said he was quite impressed with the scope of the event.

“I have even more admiration for them, for all of the effort they put in to raise money for the Scott Carlson Thanksgiving Dinner,” Dex said. “Not only did they work incredibly hard on the venue, the raffle prizes, the awards, finding the judges and the overall production, behind the scenes, they were encouraging, communicative and extremely supportive to all of us that were competing.”

Hearing his name announced as the winner was “quite a shock,” Dex said, but it was “a proud and humbling moment.”

Mr. Gay San Diego will be a one-year reign and as titleholder, Dex said he plans to promote “an attitude of inclusion” in the local LGBT community.

“There are people … that feel underrepresented, marginalized, stereotyped, discriminated against and in some instances, some even feel like outcasts,” he said. “As Mr. Gay San Diego, I’m not just representing myself, I’m representing everyone in this community. I’m not just one person, I am all of us. I am the product of a community that has embraced me, believed in me, shared in my failures and successes and helped me to live in my truth and be the best version of myself that I can be.

“I hope to bring that same spirit to those of us that don’t always feel like they fit the mold or are valued,” he continued. “What I love about San Diego and think makes it the best city in the world, is that it’s made up of all different types of people — this also applies in our gay community. We are made up of some of the most incredible people. I hope to spread more love and give more hugs and offer the same support, encouragement and embracement that I was fortunate enough to receive.”

Good luck to Deximus Starr.

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