Pride 2013 headliner Bobby Jo Valentine

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Main Stage | Sunday, July 14 • 3:30 p.m.

Based in San Francisco, Bobby Jo Valentine gets just as much positive response for his “honest, raw, resonating live performances” as he does for his songwriting. Called the “nicest guy ever to pick up an acoustic guitar” by LA Weekly, Valentine plays the main stage at San Diego Pride Sunday afternoon.

The folk-pop artist, who now lives just north of San Francisco with his partner, was once described as a mix between Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Regina Spektor. He was recognized as Songwriter of the Year by the West Coast Songwriter’s Association, and has seen his music embraced by radio across the United States.

“Valentine’s lyrics explore the tense high wire between light and dark, but doesn’t always wrap things up with a tidy answer,” his website reads. “The singer’s sense of realism, charm and infectious melodies and vocals have earned the praises of industry vets.”

Currently unsigned, his album “Home” has several of these industry vets behind him in full support: Calvin Turnbull, who work with Sheryl Crow and Five for Fighting, served as producer; David Hayes of Van Morrison fame plays bass; and Dave Tweedie, who provides music for Fox’s “So You Think You can Dance,” takes on drums.

Coupled with Valentine’s guitar, ukulele and lyrics, his sweet sound means we can expect one perfect summer afternoon in the park.

“All these things come together to echo Bobby’s surprising lyrical depth for a 27-year old growing up on the coasts of Northern California,” Valentine’s website says. “Bursting with energy and realistic optimism and filled with uplifting, honest messages about hope and life’s struggles, Bobby continues to gather new listeners with every show.”

For Pride, expect the 2013 Rising Star winner to give a smooth 30-minute selection from “Home,” including the singles “Warm is the Night,” “Come Back to Bed” and the title track, as well as tracks from his albums “A Place to Belong” and “By My Side.”

“Fly,” which won the Song of the Year from the Songwriter’s Association, will most definitely be included, we hope.

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