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Scott Markey | Fitness

Summer is finally upon us. With all of the summer events going on in our beautiful San Diego, such as the 4th of July celebrations that just passed, the upcoming Del Mar horse racing season, Comic Con, Over The Line (OTL), going to all our great beaches, being out on the ocean and the bays, and all of our many parks.

Scott Markey – Fitness Consultant

Scott Markey – Fitness Consultant

Let us not forget “Pride” and all that this amazing yearly event brings to us. But most of all, spending time with friends, family, and loved ones, is what the summer months are all about. The list of things to do and places to be here in San Diego are endless.

As fun as the summer is, it comes and goes pretty quickly.

I mention this because all of you die-hard gym-goers, like myself, and all of you who sacrificed all year long by adhering strictly to your diet and workout regimens, letting loose a little bit and having some fun is what summer is all about.

If you are like me, you know that skipping or missing scheduled workouts is something we do not want to do. Try not to let this bother you so much. With all the tempting food, parties, and get-togethers the summer brings, it is hard to stay on track as much as you did in the winter months.

So let’s look at some ways to stay in shape, and look and feel the best you can all summer long.

First let’s try to get your workouts done in the morning, this way you won’t feel guilty. You can also hit the gym at night, leaving your days wide open. The positive side of the summer months is that you can get your workouts done outside, you just have to be a little creative.

You may be spending most of your time outdoors or at the beaches or parks but have no weights lying around. No problem. Squats, push-ups, planks, and core exercises only need your body weight. For some of you stronger guys and girls who might need a little extra resistance, I’m sure you can find a friend or use your partner to add the extra weight needed: on your shoulders for squats, or on your back for push ups, etc. You get the idea.

Being outdoors also feels good and you can go for walks or hit some sprints for cardio sessions. You don’t need a gym for this and beach sprints are amazing! You can regulate the difficulty by what part of the beach you sprint or run on; the softer sand for a harder workout, or the harder, flatter sand for an easier workout.

Just remember, especially if making it to the gym is not an option, plan ahead and think outside the box when it comes to your workouts. I myself can get a good workout in anywhere! Like I said, it’s just a matter of being creative, and using what you have around you.

Now let’s talk briefly about food. This can be somewhat of a challenge, as when you’re going to barbecues and parties, the food being offered might not be in your dietary program. No problem again! Just plan ahead. Make your meals beforehand, even the night before. Pack as much as you can — both meals and snacks — and bring a cooler, too. This way, you can leave it in your car, or bring it along. By doing this you will be well prepared for anything that might come up. This way you will have your own food, should you be somewhere that the food being so graciously offered, is not on your specific menu. Let’s say you are invited to a party. This works out especially well as you can prepare and bring a “healthy” dish of your liking to satisfy your nutritional needs. This way no matter what, you know there will be something there to eat that is good for you.

Most important is to stay hydrated! That means water. Try to stay away from sugary drinks as much as you can. Everyone likes an energy drink here and there, I know. Just try to limit them.

What if you are invited to a party or function where alcohol will be present? Sugary, or mixed drinks should be out, or at least limited. Watch the beers as well. They add up, and will go right to your stomach. You’d be surprised at the vast number of cocktails available on the healthier side.

Let’s face it, it’s summer. It’s time to have some fun. You’ll be back to your stringent workout and dietary regimen in no time at all, so in the meantime, be committed and just do the best you can.

If any of my readers are having trouble coming up with a workout or a dietary plan, feel free to email me and I will try to help you as best as I can. So here’s to a safe, happy and healthy summer!

—Scott Markey has over 25 years in the fitness and health industry. He specializes in physique management, fitness training and nutritional consultation. You can find him on Facebook or reach him at


  1. Tamal Reeves says:

    Thank you Scott. Hope you enjoy your summer too. Looking forward to more of your articles and pictures. Tamal.

  2. Sean McNicols says:

    You are refreshing to say the least! Thanks for the great article and no beer for me during PRIDE weekend 😉 We look forward to more and we hope to see you during our celebrations.

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