Taïa twice on 2012 best LGBT books list

Posted: December 3rd, 2012 | Opinion & News, The Gay Blog | No Comments

Many potential reads from the Band Of Thebes blog recently released list of the Best LGBT Books of 2012. We’re a list-loving society, and December brings out the best of them.

Of note, Abdellah Taïa appears twice on the list, for two different works. “Salvation Army” was not a 2012 book, but well worth reading. Taïa’s second, which also delves into the world of being gay from Northern Africa, looks like it could be as good as the first.

Take a look at your full Christmas gift list here, with comments re: Taïa’s work below.

Comment by Håkan Lindquist, author of “On Collecting Stamps”:
“I’ve read lots of books but since you probably prefer books that are available in English I’d like to suggest Abdellah Taïa’s “Salvation Army.” I’ve read it both in English and French before my partner Davy and I started to translate it to Swedish. There are several places in which Abdellah Taïa writes about the love he felt for his brother Abdelkébir, his obsession and awe.



Comment by David Ebershoff, author of “The 19th Wife”:
I’ve become enchanted by the fiction of Abdellah Taïa. His latest novel translated into English, “An Arab Melancholia,” continues his incomparable depiction of what it means to be young, poor, Arab, and gay. Taïa is as much a poet as a storyteller. His fiction, typically short and episodic, leaves a deep impression on the heart and mind.

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