Serving the LGBT Community

We want to build a safe environment for the LGBT community while providing equal opportunities for everyone to accomplish their goals.

About Us

Our team is dedicated to creating awareness in the society with workshops and events that bring the entire community together. Our team gatherings help us to connect with the like-minded people and boost the confidence of our team.

LGBT Youth Groups

A platform for the LGBT youth to lift-up their morals and spread awareness among them.

Trans Peer Support Group

Our support groups provide safety and opportunities for the trans community.

Older LGBT People

We show support to the seniors and older LGBT people to take care of them at all times.

GaySD providing programs for health, wellness and community connection

Our team of volunteers are in association with the health and wellness centres to take care of the health of the LGBT community. Our therapists also help the community to cope up with the rejection from society and help them in understanding their depression.


Harassment and Violence


Mental Health


Older LGBT People




LGBT Young People


Family and Friends

Latest News and Updates

‘A small but important step’

Local Catholic diocese reaches out to the LGBT community On Saturday, Oct. 7, I attended a Mass for the members of the LGBT community and their families at St. John…

Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity​

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